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Legal Centre

View the terms of use and other legal agreements in relation to using Taxlab services and websites.

Tax software legal terms

Terms of Use

Your contract with Taxlab which includes our commitments as a service provider and your obligations as a customer.

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Privacy Policy

How Taxlab manages personal data across the services we provide including Taxlab Modules and this website.

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Tax Office Conditions

Conditions that Inland Revenue and/or the Australian Tax Office impose on us that we must adhere to.

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Extended Support Services

Optional extended support services that you may subscribe to, including Taxlab’s standard extended SLA and uptime commitment.

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Extended Security Warranty

Optional information security warranty that you may subscribe to for additional peace of mind.

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Partner Agreement

The terms for joining our Partner Program including the benefits, our commitments and your obligations.

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Interface Terms of Use

The rights and obligations of Taxlab and any Partner Application that interfaces with the Taxlab subscription services.

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Legal Centre Archive

The Taxlab Legal Centre Archive allows you to download archived PDF versions of our agrements to assist with comparisons of terms.

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