How to Sign Up

Taxlab OnboardingHow to sign up and get going with Taxlab today

Taxlab is an online software service that requires no installation to get going. You can be up and running in minutes by following the steps below.
Sign up

1. Signup

Signup by creating a user account online. This then enables you to add entities and subscribe to Taxlab services. You will agree to our Terms of Use as part of signup.

Sign up

2. Add Entities

Add entities and subscriptions from the home screen (video tutorial). For large groups, email for an excel up-loader to speed up the process.

3. Get Training

New users do need training to get started. We partner with a number of accounting firms who offer training and setup services. Please contact us to find out more.

4. Helpdesk Support

From there we will provide Helpdesk support on and 0800 00 1035. (Tax questions should always go to your tax advisor).