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Taxlab is an online software service that requires no installation to get going. You can be up and running in minutes by following the steps below.

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1. Create an User Account

Please create a user account online. You will agree to our Terms of Use by checking a box when you do this.

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2. Create a Subscription for your Organisation

Create an entity for your organisation, and then subscribe for the services you are after (e.g. income tax return or FBT return). For large groups, please email for an Excel upload template to speed up this process.

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3. Get Started

Get started from our Online Help or book some training or setup services from one of our channel partners. Please email for a list of channel partners and their contact details.

4. Helpdesk Support

Inclusive in our service, we provide Helpdesk Support on and 0800 001 035. Please note that tax questions should always go to your tax advisor.

5. Billing

Please contact if you have any specific billing requirements like an Accounts Payable email address or a Purchase Order number.