Events and Trainings

Professional tax trainings to get the most from Taxlab

Keep up to date with technical trainings and the latest tax updates provided by our partners and industry experts.

26 May 2020NZ Tax Roadshow 2020Recorded Webinar3 hoursCAANZGeneral tax technical
26 May 2020Fringe Benefit Tax MattersWebinar2 hoursPwCFBT
26 May 2020Temporary loss carry-back schemeWebinar1.5 hoursBaker Tilly Staples Rodway General tax technical
28 May 2020Ring Fencing of Rental Losses 2020Webinar75 minsBaker Tilly Staples Rodway General tax technical
11 June 2020Monthly Tax Update – June 2020Webinar1.5 hoursCAANZGeneral tax technical
25-26 June 2020Tax Effect AccountingWebinar2 hoursPwCIncome Tax
On demandFBT and Motor Vehicles 2020On demand webinar75 minsBaker Tilly Staples RodwayFBT
On demandIndirect Tax webinar series 2019On demand webinar8 hoursPwCGST

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